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iPhone 12 Pro Max - 5G

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iPhone 12 Pro Max - 5G

Hi, I recently bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max directly from Apple. I have purchased the 5G booster, but I’m not receiving 5G. I have 5G coverage in my area according to the coverage map. I have made sure that 5G is enabled in settings and I have also updated to the latest software version. I’ve tried turning the phone on and off and removing and reinserting the SIM card. Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks in advance!

Did you buy the 5g add on?


@Blackwater Hi there, you mentioned that you bought your phone directly from Apple? Wondering if this came from the EU or US store, because 5G settings would be different. Have you done a network reset? 


Hello. So I’ve figured it out, it turns out it is not a problem with the phone, but yes, it’s from the EU Apple Store (Republic of Ireland, specifically). I also did a network reset. I’ve discovered that the phone is actually receiving 5G, but it seems the coverage map is completely inaccurate for my area.

I was out for a walk yesterday morning. I picked up 2 bars of 5G signal for 10 seconds just a few hundred metres from my house and then also only at one other point (for just 100m-120m of walking distance) 1.8km from my house (1.1km in a straight line) I got 2 bars of 5G with up to around 300mbps. According to the 5G coverage map, I should’ve had 5G coverage for 100% of my short walk, including at my house. Three’s 5G coverage map seems a little generous/too good to be true in some areas.

Quite disappointed that it appears to be dense coverage in the town I live in and even the surrounding areas in the countryside, even up to 20km in a straight line in some directions of continuous “5G coverage” outside of the town, which I highly doubt at this point.

5G is a bit different in terms of coverage compared to you could see a mast in 4g and be able to get a connection but due to the higher frequency of 5g it doesn't have the same range of 4g, so more 5g antennas are required to cover the same areas of 4g