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topped up but not given a month

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topped up but not given a month

I topped up online yesterday via online, payment accepted and €20 credit applied  but MY three shows that credit runs out tomorrow and I need to use data to keep in touch - it will be eaten up in minutes if unlimited data allowance not applied.

App not working - online support not working - Chat - no one there.

How do you get to talk to someone in support ?

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@Ardrua I'd really like to help you here 👍 Does it say that your plan is due to expire tomorrow or your credit? Can you see the recent top-up in your My3 app as well?

Hi Deborah,

Yes it shows that I did top up yesterday by €20. My credit was due to run out tomorrow but I topped up early as I was  not sure of the exact date due to problems with the three app.

It says on the app as of this morning that my credit expires tomorrow ( I can not log into app at the moment as it appears to be down as is the My three part of the website for checking credit)

Thank You



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It does show my €20 euro top up plus the €10 credit I had previously. 


@Ardrua thanks for that. Because your recent top-up is confirmed your new allowance should be in place. I'll need access to your account to check that it's queued and to reassure you too. Can you send me a PM with your details? full name, number, address and date of birth?