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Account Expiration reminders on prepay

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Account Expiration reminders on prepay

The only little thing I miss that is different since 3 took over from 02 is that 02 sent out a reminder by text when your monthly prepay contract was due for renewal so you could always pay it before it ran out or on the day it expired.  With 3 you just recieve a notification that your plan expired in the last 24 hours so, in my case, as I am not one of those organised people with a calender who always knows when payments are due, my account expires every month.  Now they do not cancel the contract but unless you have built up credit on your phone outside of the contract you are basically left high and dry until you get a chance to top up. I could really do with having this service resumed.

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Re: Account Expiration reminders on prepay

Hey Dearbhla, this is something we're looking into alright! In the meantime, I'd suggest just setting a reminder on your phone each time you top up.