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Getting random emails from 3Community re members new ranking


Getting random emails from 3Community re members new ranking

Hi, this afternoon 10th March 2021, I got like 2 random emails from about random members who got upgraded rank. Something is broke me thinks. See image




I got emails today from 3 about people obtaining a new ranking.


Why would you think that users would care about this?

It's pretty weird.

How do I stop these? There doesn't seem to be any option in notification settings.


I've also received 5 such messages today and am not subscribed to any three communications - concerned there is a data breach / hack of the email databases

Hi all, thanks for reaching out. I apologise for the inconvenience of these notifications and assure you that this error has since been rectified. An announcement was posted earlier click here 


@F3rgz0d3 @Broadband_Fail @gijoe50000 



Thanks! 😂

I can assure you that this error has NOT been rectified! I received 7 this morning!

I haven't gotten anymore myself, so they must be getting sent to random people.

It's a bit of a strange one!

Good way to get more traffic to the site though, even if they're all angry..



So, I just got an email telling me about this post that I posted as if it was posted by somebody else. There's definitely some weird stuff going on at 3. Maybe they've got a new automated bot doing some of the work and it's a bit dumb, or something?

@mollyg75 Can you tell me the times you received those emails? Maybe include a screenshot here like to original poster? 

@gijoe50000 Hi and thanks for your feedback here. Yes, we're working on ways to improve 3Community and updating the older system. Did you're more recent notification call out "re: Getting random emails from 3Community re members new ranking" and mentioned who just posted? 

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Generally forums "know" that it was you who wrote the post so they don't email you telling you that someone (you) made a post.



Edit: And I just got an email about this post too, so it wasn't a one off glitch..