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We want YOUR feedback!


We want YOUR feedback!

Hi there,


This week here at Three, we're focusing on how we can improve the service that we supply to you, our customers.


If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can be better, either here on our Community, or with the products and services we provide, I want to hear it Smiley Happy


Please post below with your thoughts, no matter how crazy they sound! I can't promise that your suggestion can be implemented, but I do promise that any and all feedback will be sent to the relevant teams.


Thanks in advance!


Three Community Manager


Re: We want YOUR feedback!

You put up a post today stating that you have made "Improvements" to the Webtext service. 


In what way is removing the facility to read sent webtexts an improvement? 


Re: We want YOUR feedback!

To Whom It May Concern, hi i have an issue with your new version of Webtext


Until last week I was able to use non-English font/ character pasting from another program (non-standard GSM character) to send my webtexts, I believe in the past multiple Unicode was used which supported all characters/ all languages in Webtext but this does seem to be the case anymore because I find that Webtext sent only using standard GSM character is now readable and any messages sent in any non-standard GSM character/language is not readable anymore.


Is there any solution or way to address this issue as this causing me a great deal of inconvenience.


I’ll really appreciate your help and support.


Many thanks.