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When you will improve internet in Cobh

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When you will improve internet in Cobh

Why do you guys have this enormous overbooking in your services? Your internet is slow, and you don't invest in the infrastructure improvement at all. In Ruchbrooke off-peak hours, your internet barely keeping 10 mbps, in peak hours - it's good to have 2. Meanwhile upload is keeping 20 mbps, so it's not my signal. It's your greediness. 


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Thanks guys for editing my message but not doing anything to improve your internet!

You taking money as for normal internet, but your speed is as in 2000-th. 

And it's not my reception. I even bought external 4g antenna to test it. 

It's your overloaded channels.

Thank you for wonderful ability to work from home. 


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@VladK Hello there, I'll be happy to take a look at his with you. Tell me, have you had a chance to have a look through our All about: Broadband Coverage blog yet? There are some great tips and tricks in there as well as some questions I'll need answered to look into this further for you. I've had a look at the general Cobh area and I don't see anything out of the ordinary so let me know the answers to those questions and we'll go from there 👌



 I've had a look at the general Cobh area and I don't see anything out of the ordinary


Of course you didn't! Because it normal for your company. To sell traffic to way more people than you can support in reality. Guys, I'm Linux engineer, so please, don't post more "how to reboot your router".


I can't attach images here, so I put them on Imgur.


As can see - at 9 am I have 27 mbps (what is shameful for the modern world, but for Ireland is ok)

At 12 the speed is dropping twice. 

And at the 18 it dropping to 4 mbps, and later even lower. 


It nothing to do with my router or signal. I't your overloaded channels.  


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@VladK Why don't you pop me a PM with your broadband number, full name, address and date of birth along with the answers to those questions from the blog I posted above? That way I'll be able to check which exact mast you're connecting to, with your permission of course 👍

This is very offensive.You didn't read my post (all answers are there already). You count me as very stupid. (And I have CCNA). But, if you requesting - I'm writing you PM.

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@VladK Good morning, I certainly did not mean to offend you. There were some questions that hadn't been answered yet that I needed the answers to, like the make and model of your modem for example. I also needed your account details so I can access your account. I see your PM with these details now so I'll pop back to you over there 👍



Thank you Laur, but as you will see from my data - I doubt you can help me. Except if you knew the plans to greatly increase bandwidth from Cobh. 


I'm having the same problem here in Keenagh in Longford. I have an external 4g antenna and get close to 20m in the small hours, but get 0 to 0.3 the rest of the time. As Vlad has correctly stated, it's overbooking. No amount of reboots will fix it. Stop overloading your network 3!

Three sometimes at day time 😞


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