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Where are my 3Community messages?


Where are my 3Community messages?

I attempted to open a 3Community private message which took me to a page with this message:


This community has moved to a new location.
You can find us at from now on.
Three Ireland customers can sign in using a Three website login (Also known as: My3 login)
Check out the Help + Support articles for any other questions.


I clicked on the link and asked me to sign in so  used the same details but there are no messages. 

It seems I've been registered as a new user.

Where can I access my previous messages?






Old messages are gone, this is a new platform

Three could be emailed before though 3Community.


Is it still possible to do this?

@Bocking14 Hi there 👋 To PM a Mod just click on the link in any of our signatures and we'll be happy to help 😁