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Email Set Up


Email Set Up

There were always problems with the process on Three. Mail was ofter refused by other carriers worldwide. But to just  up and remove outgong mail from customers is scandolous at best. And then to be told that all you have to do is just alter their smtp setting.

Here is the iinformation provided by Eircom to do with outgoing mail ....


Issues sending emails

Are you accessing your emails through an email client (e.g. Outlook/Mac Mail)?

  • Emails sent through these will only send when you’re connected to an eir broadband or WiFi connection.
  • Outside of an eir broadband connection, you will need to edit the "Outgoing Mail server" to the outgoing mail server of the internet provider you're connected to.
  • Note – The outgoing mail server for eir Mobile and Meteor is ‘’

When sending an email via an email client e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, Phone etc. you are dependent on the broadband provider that you are using at that time. Therefore the email client should be configured to the broadband connection that is being used. If it's not set up correctly, emails will not send.


So much for using Thunderbird to handle my tem Eircom email accounts.


Re: Email Set Up

@claggan Got an email to let me know about this. I use gmail and updated it without problems but looking at the FAQs it looks like they are shutting it down and put in place a more secure system so if it gives more security then that's not a bad thing. Weird that Eircom can only 100% guarantee emails will work if using their products. I'd be fairly annoyed but maybe they like it that way ha

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Re: Email Set Up

Hi @claggan, @Chilli-Pepper is correct, we made a decision to close the relay system in favour of a more secure route and contacted our customers to give notice of this before it’s removed on the 31st of May. Have you tried to use the following outgoing server address: If so, did that work for you? The webmail version should work without needing to input anything. If the outgoing server isn’t working you’ll need to contact Eircom for further help with this. Thanks 


Re: Email Set Up

Gmail never needed the system provided by Three.
Nor does However all other Email providers require that the
Broadband supplier provides their own SMTP.

And the reason it is being closed down is because it never worked. Mail
was routinely refused by other ISP's around the world. I have a list of
ten who currently refuse to handle email from Three .... they are
considered not as reliable, and are on multiple banned lists.

Three are causing a big problem for all those persons who use an email
client such as Thunderbird to process their mail.

I currently use fifteen email accounts spread across various domains
(including several of my own) .... and this removal of a service to
which I am entitled is very annoying.

And, I spent 45 years working in the IT business.


Re: Email Set Up

@claggan companies remove and change things all the time. If it wasn't working properly and they can't fix it and it's safer to not have it there then thats a decision that has to be made surely? Totally get that it's a problem for you but there are ways around lit like @Three_Deborah mentioned