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G’wan ye legends!

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G’wan ye legends!

Today’s the day that Operation Transformation returns to our screens. We support all the leaders for what must be an incredibly challenging journey, even more so after nearly a year of lockdowns. To be honest this is one of the only “reality” TV shows that I watch. It’s so much more than health and fitness, I find the whole programme and the leaders extremely inspiring regarding other areas of life. Having the right support, motivation, and a goal to achieve can be applied to anything 🏆


The basics

5 leaders from around the country are selected to take part in a health and fitness plan that lasts 7 weeks. They need to cook and prepare healthy meals which are designed by professionals along with daily activity plans, plus carry on with their daily live AND stand up in front of the nation each week on national television. WOW, total heroes already!


The biased

Of course, we’ll never admit to having a favourite leader, and I’d like to point out that the majority of your 3Mods are from Limerick. So we’ve downloaded the Operation Transformation App and accidently selected Hazel Harington #OTLimerickLady as our leader. Just saying 😎


App Store 👉 click here 

Play Store 👉 click here  


The bottom line

There are times we’d like to switch our phones off and go for a walk. But those steps count! No matter your preference, having a fitness watch means you count your steps, receive reminders to get active and much more. Wearing one and leaving your phone alone will help you focus on just your fitness goals.

Over the years OT leaders have been using a FitBit, some of the Mods here and my very own mother favour these. Personally, I prefer Huawei Band and my latest one is the Band 4. If you are getting one over the coming days/weeks, have a look at the links below to help you choose one. Remember to sync with your phone, and we have a blog to help you with this too


Huawei Band  👉 click here  Psssstt - 10% of with 3Plus

FitBit 👉 click here 

Samsung Watch 👉 click here 


For those of you who are following Operation Transformation leaders or using the app to kick start your New Year heath and fitness regime, remember do your best ❤️