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Prepay Data Bundles - what's going on?


Prepay Data Bundles - what's going on?

I used to receive messages when my recurring prepay data bundle was 50% used and again when it was about to expire and it really helped me manage my data usage and costs. However, it appears that these messages have been stopped so for the past couple of months I haven't received any warning before Three start debiting my balance by EUR2 per day if my bundle is used up within the 28 days. The come back from Customer Care is check your data usage regularly using the app - but with data you'd literally have to check every time you picked up your phone and even then you probably wouldn't catch it before it went over your allowance. Why not bring back the text message warnings!!!? (Though I think I know that the answer is revenue generation Smiley Tongue)

The most frustrating thing (apart from having all my credit used up) is that there is no efficient way of addressing the issue once you've run out of your recurring bundle. The first thing I do is disable my mobile data when Three have confirmed that they have taken the first EUR2. Then I go online and cancel the recurring bundle in order to reapply a new one (so i dont keep getting charged EUR2 per day and so that i can keep using data on the go). However, it takes 24 hours(!!!) for the recurring bundle to get cancelled and as long as it is in 'pending' status you can't select to add a new recurring bundle. By the time you can re-add a recurring bundle you've now lost EUR4 in daily data charges.

And don't make the mistake of picking the only available option of a 'once off' 500MB bundle after you've cancelled your recurrning bundle because you wont get any notifications as to when this is about to expire or be used up so bye bye credit again and the cycle continues. Its all such a needlessly poor customer experience Smiley Sad 


Re: Prepay Data Bundles - what's going on?

What about changing plan? Or turning off data when you're not using it and checking My3 before turning it on again. Would you have a rough idea when you normally run out of the add-on? If so you could start checking My3 around that time.