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Share Your 5G Speed Test Results


Share Your 5G Speed Test Results

Hey guys, 
I want to start a topic to share 5G speed test results. My record is 697mbps and I got this result in the afternoon. My phone is Note20 ultra 5G. Result link: 
I test them all with the full 5G icon. I can't get more than 70-100mbps with the outlined 5G icon.

5G drains the battery so fast. I'm switching to 4G frequency to save the battery if I don't need it. 


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@insider Great idea! Hopefully, more members will share the speeds they're getting on their 5G phones 👍




I assume we need to pay extra for 5G access?

Do you mind me asking if it’s actually worth it?

I find my speeds on 4G are more than enough for what I need for my usage.

For prepaid plans, you need to pay extra €5 to enable 5G addon. Some bill pay plans 5G ready, you just need to enable it.

Is it worth it? It depends on your usage. If you always downloading things, updating your apps, playing games I think it's worth it. Because:
Faster download rates.
Less fluctuation during rush hours
Less ping

Drains battery
Our phones have first generations of the 5G modems.
In some locations, 4G is faster than 5G. 5G can't penetrate walls that much.

I think you should try it at least 1 month and see it by yourself. You can cancel the 5G addon later on.


Got a speed test result of 308 DL and 39.1 UL on 4G in Dundalk using a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G. The speed is really close to 5G territory which is suprisingly amazing. Still going to redo the test on 5G to see what speeds I could get when I am in a 5G coverage area.