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Cannot text my UK phone


Cannot text my UK phone

Hi Three

I am on billpay on my Irish iPhone.

Separately I have a UK SIM/phone for work on a UK 0044 number.

My issue is as follows:

My UK phone does not receive any texts from my Irish iPhone. I can call it but I cannot text it. Texts will appear to send but are never recieved or displayed on my UK phone.

I can confirm that I can receive texts from other Irish phones on the three network. I can recieve international texts too. 


It is only my Irish iPhone number which fails to reach it. I can 100% confirm it is the correct number and that the number is not blocked etc.

Any tips?

3 Community Admin

@eladnova Hi there, I've moved your post to the iPhone board, maybe one of our 3Community members have experienced the same as you.


Can you tell me is it normal SMS you're talking about or iMessage?