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Preorder Iphone Xs


Preorder Iphone Xs


Three Website suggests I can preorder Iphone XS now.

Cant seem to do so.

However it also says peorders are from 21st Sep.

I am misunderstanding/reading this wrong ?

I am existing customer eligable for upgrade.

Can I preorder now or do i have to wait till Sep 21 ?

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@j4joey thanks for getting in touch. You can pre-order the phone now on bill pay and prepay and the phones will be shipped on Friday the 21st πŸ‘

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Hi Shauna, no, you cant, the preorder now buttons are disabled.

@Anonymous I've doubled checked the website and you can pre-order the iPhone XS and XS max. Are you having difficulties pre-ordering the phone, if so can you clear your cookies and cache and try again. 

Is there a chance for people who ordered their new iPhones on Friday to get them delivered this Friday ?
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Hi @Mag πŸ‘‹ We’re dispatching all customer’s phones in the order they were placed. Our stock is received directly from Apple and we can't guarantee that all orders will be delivered right away due to the popularity of this model πŸ‘