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Unlock iPhone 4s


Unlock iPhone 4s



I've been trying to unlock an old iPhone 4s. I've called in to the Three shop (in Letterkenny) and tried the online form but on both occasions the response has been that Three have no record of the phone on file. This phone was purchased from O2 before it became Three. I know it works on the Three network becasue I just put my current SIM card into it the day before yesterday and it connects to the Three nwtwork no problem. We use it as a backup phone and I'd really like to get it unlocked so it can be used on other networks also. Is there any way I can get this phone unlocked?





3 Staff
3 Staff

Re: Unlock iPhone 4s

Hi @mg3, Thanks for getting in touch about this. Can you PM me your details so I can check this out for you? I just need your number, the IMEI number of the phone, along with your full name, address and date of birth.