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iMessage won’t activate on new iPhone.


iMessage won’t activate on new iPhone.


I set up my new iPhone 12 pro max last night. (Purchased direct from Apple).

iMessage is stuck on “waiting for activation...”

I can see through my three account that the phone is sending a message to a 0044 number to activate it. But no joy.

I’ve tried turning phone off and on, turning iMessage off and on, signing out from my Apple ID for iMessage.

Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

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Good morning all,


I might have sent a few of you a PM before looking here and before having a meeting with our tech team 😊

Seems you, 3Community members, knew that iMessage was working again before our tech team confirmed it. 

In saying that, there might be a small few of you that are continuing to have difficulties activating iMessage, in this case, send me a PM as it might be an isolated example.


@Dalk I reckon you can go ahead and mark as an accepted solution 


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I got the same problem, apple support told me it must be a provider error as it’s all green in their system ... my second number with T-Mobile works all right.

Just been talking to Apple, they are experiencing issues on their end.  Have been told to leave it turned on and leave it for 48 hours and if no joy to go back to them.



Rang apple on Friday, and went through all steps, then got same feedback to wait 24-48 hours. Rang again today and was told its confirmed that there is no issue on their end and that it has to be issue with the Carrier (three). I then rang three and they said all was ok on their end but when I informed apple had requested I confirm with Case ID that all was working ok with mobile provider they escalated to the appropriate team and it will take 72 hours before they back to me.


As a side note, i know 9 people who upgraded since Friday and all have the same issue activating iMessage on their new phone. All are on the three network, people who aren’t with three have had no issues. Side A needs to talk to Side B me thinks... meanwhile the customer waits in no mans land....

Good morning all 👋 thanks for bringing this to our attention. Has your iMessage been activated since you last posted here? If not, I'd like to send to get this investigated on our side too. That way both Three and Apple will have open investigations for you. Send me a PM with your full name, number, address and date of birth 👍


Oh I've moved this topic to our Phone > iPhones board 


@Dalk @DavidS @iPhoneuser  


I have been looking at my usage. And I can see there have been no further texts sent to the 0044 number to activate iMessage... whenever I try to active it it it immediately turns off and says. “iMessage activation. An error occurred during activation. Try again.”

sent my details via PM. There is already a case both with Apple and with Three.  Apple case has been closed as they confirmed it is not an issue on their end and indicating issue is on the carrier side.  Three case is open and is pending feedback from team. Have been told I need to wait 72 hours.  


As a side note I checked with more people this morning and every single person who is with three who got a new phone at weekend has the issue, it is not user specific. 


@iPhoneuser cheers for that. How we do it here, is that each individual investigation is given a case number. Do you have yours? What I'm doing is collating examples and common denominators. This really helps to identify the root cause and where it lies. So really, right now; the more the merrier 💪 


Still exact same for me. I know of 13 ppl who have this issue. Not user specific. 

I repeatedly asked for Case ID and was told Three do not provide Case ID's. I then asked how can I follow up with three if I dont have a reference number. She informed me it is written in my notes and available when I next call in for an update.


Note: It has also happened my moms phone who I gave my old iPhone 11 to at weekend so it is not iPhone 12 specific issue either.