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iMessage won’t activate on new iPhone.


iMessage won’t activate on new iPhone.


I set up my new iPhone 12 pro max last night. (Purchased direct from Apple).

iMessage is stuck on “waiting for activation...”

I can see through my three account that the phone is sending a message to a 0044 number to activate it. But no joy.

I’ve tried turning phone off and on, turning iMessage off and on, signing out from my Apple ID for iMessage.

Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Hi Deborah,

Still not working for my own number I provided via PM yesterday. It did work on second attempt however this morning for my moms phone.


Also asked few of the people that told me they had issue and they confirmed they are still getting it too.


Hi Dalk,

What were the steps you did to reactivate this morning out of curiosity? I turned off iMessage, FaceTime, restarted phone and then turned on iMessage. Error still occurring here.

Hey mate.


I literally just turned it on and within about 5 seconds it worked. 


Give the following a go:


1) If you are signed into Apple ID for iMessage and FaceTime, sign out.

2) Reset Network settings. (You will lose your wifi passwords unfortunately)

3) Restart your phone.

4) Try sign into iMessage over 4G. (It should just be your number that shows up).


If that works, then sign into FaceTime next.  After that, sign into your Apple ID for both of them, and make sure you have your number selected for "Start new conversations from".


Are you bill pay or PAYG?  If you are the latter, make sure you have credit as I don't think international texts are included in your plan.


If all of the above fail, have a look at your usage on the Three App/Website and see if there were any messages sent to that 0044 number today.


Hopefully you get sorted!


Yup PAYG. Did all the steps above and no joy. Last SMS to the UK +44 number was yesterday 16th Nov at 16:27. (Charged 7 cent for the privilege too)


Worked no issue for my moms phone this morning so its very strange one.


Asked other friends also and they still having the error.



Do you have spare credit on you your account? ie, above what you need for free data and calls etc? I'm not sure what the minimum amount you can top up by is, but maybe try doing that?


Also, re the issue being marked "solved", that was me, apologies, I marked it as solved as soon as mine worked, I didn't know there were still issues.  I'll try changed it. 

I think that should be back un-solved now. 

no worries. Thanks for marking it unsolved again!


Yup I have 140 euro credit so all good on that front.



One last thing,  double check in  settings > phone > my number, that it's your correct number listed there. 

@Dalk  thanks a million for that 😊 


@iPhoneuser I'm working on your number and any others on 3Community as a priority. I don't have any of your friends' numbers so it might be an idea to ask them to contact me directly with their details in PM. That way I can add them to my list and update them here.


You're very welcome.


Purely out of curiosity, what was the issue?