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Attention SIM-only customers! Here at 3, we have a fantastic service (and a small little surprise) available for all you SIM-only phone fanatics who love keeping up to date with the latest devices on the market. 3PhoneSwap allows you to swap your phone twice a year for any reason for a minimal swap fee. Have I intrigued you? Read on to find out more 😊






The Tiers

Customers on any of our SIM-only plans can sign up for 3PhoneSwap with a 12-month contract. Upon sign-up you may be asked to have a diagnostics tests carried out on your current phone, if it fails the application can be rejected. If the application is accepted, the tier you sign up to is dependent on the value of your current phone. Let’s take a look at the tiers:



Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Monthly Fee





Phone Value

€0 to €199

€200 to €499

€500 to €999

€1000 to €2000

Swap Fee






All four tiers allow you to swap your handset if you’ve damaged your current handset (and this includes the dreaded water damage and cracked screen), if you’re tired of your current phone and want a change or you’ve decided to switch from Android to iOS (or vice versa).  If you’re still not convinced, how about we give you your first month free? Simply enter code 3PHONESWAP21 when signing up. Cha-ching!


Ready to Swap?

Ok, now you’ve signed up and are you ready for your first swap? It’s so easy! Simply enter your details over here and choose your new phone. You can choose from an exact replacement, the same model but different colour or a similar phone. The similar phone will be along the same value and generation as your own, but it can be a different brand. Confirm your choice and make your payment and your new phone will be delivered to you within 1 business day if ordered between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


Delivery Day

On delivery day, make sure to have your own phone ready to be picked up by the courier when they drop off your new one. Remove any Google accounts, turn off Find My iPhone, remove any passcodes or access IDs and please please please don’t forget to back up your data 😊


As always, your Community is happy to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to comment below 👇


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