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Here at Three we know how important your phone is to you and that includes the call coverage and mobile data signal. We are continually improving our network capabilities and strive to provide you with the best coverage possible. From time to time, you may experience difficulty with your coverage, this could be due to several factors, including external ones which are outside of our influence. Whichever the case may be, your 3Community is here to help!  If you are experiencing any difficulties with your signal or coverage, have a look at the checklist below;


Calls/text and mobile data

  • This is an oldie but a goodie: Restart your phone
  • Another tip is to reset your network settings, this will also delete your saved WiFi passwords. ( Android/iPhone). Our DeviceSupport section will steer you in the right direction for this.
  • Your SIM needs updating every few years. Why don’t you order a new one and activate a SIM replacement? Have a look at all you need to know  click here 
  • Are you still having coverage difficulties? Try your SIM in another Three phone or unlocked phone. If it works in another phone, your phone might be faulty and needs repair click here or you might need to update your software.

Mobile data only

  • Clear the browsing history on your phone through Chrome or Safari settings.
  • You may not have 4G in your area, so please switch to 3G only.

Need more help?

If the above steps haven’t helped, there is a possibility that there is maintenance being carried out in your area, or a fault on the mast we need to investigate. Please get in touch to let us know that you’ve tried the above, and post the answers to the below questions by creating a topic:


  • Are your friends and neighbours experiencing this too?
  • Do you experience the same coverage everywhere you go?
  • When did you start noticing this?
  • Do you get a particular error message when making a call, sending a text or connecting to mobile data?
  • How many bars of coverage do you see, and what letter is beside them? ie, 3G, 3G+, H, H+, 4G or 4G+
  • Is your mobile data worse in the evenings or the same all day?
  • What phone are you using, and what version of software is on it?
  • Tell us your general area so we can check the masts there.

Pop the answers to the above in a new topic in our Phone section 👉 here. This way, your post is public for all to see, and other members in the same area can join in if they've noticed changes too. With the help of 3Community, the more examples and info we have to pass onto our tech team will be a huge advantage in identifying the root cause of any faults in the area.


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this list, click here, and if this post has helped you, please click 'Like'!


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Sounds silly, but going outside and see if the signal is stronger outside, you could be getting interference from an indoor electrical device.



Hello @Three_Deborah ,


I have just moved in to a new apartment and it is a black spot for mobile/mobile data signal.

I have moved downstairs in the apartment block that I am in and the coverage was perfect in the previous apartment.

Any solutions to this? I need my phone for use in work.

Best regards,

3 Community Admin

@SimonHogan30 are you on the ground floor of the apartment block? Can you tell me if you've tried your phone outside the building or a few floors up?




Hi @Three_Deborah ,

Yes we are now on the ground floor, whereas the apartment we were in previous was on the first floor.

The phone signal is perfect apart from in the apartment.

I cannot walk outside to take a work call or to complete multi factor authentication with normal text messages. I need to be at my desk.



3 Community Admin

@SimonHogan30 I get ya! Let's find out if this is a known black spot due to external factors or if there are works being carried out on a mast nearby. Pop me a PM with your full name ( if it is different from your username ) your number, address and date of birth. 

3 Community Admin

 Hello there, can you tell me if you notice this in any other area other than Dublin 13? When did you become aware of this? 


I'm wondering have you tried a Network Reset on your phone: 

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings > General > Reset.
  2. Tap Reset Network Settings.
  3. Type in the device password if prompted.
  4. Confirm selection.

Let me know how you get on 

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