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How to: Use Webtext on

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If you ever run out of credit or texts but really need to get in touch with someone, fear not! Three offer all of our customers the chance to use our free webtext service. Once you’ve registered for webtext, you can use up to 500 free texts each month to send to any Irish or international mobile. You can also group contacts, perfect for communicating with a large group of friends, your local football team or yoga class.


Here’s how to get started:



Registering for webtext is easy – just visit our registration page. Then you’re good to go! You’ll then have 500 free webtexts on your account for a month. Once the month is up, your message amount will renew.


Using your webtexts

You can log onto at any time to use your webtexts. Once you log in, you can either send a message instantly or schedule a message for later.


Once you’ve sent your message, a bar will appear at the top of the page to let you know it’s been sent. Replies will be sent to your phone.


Adding contacts

There are two ways to add contacts to your account.

  • When writing a message and writing in the number to send it to, you’ll be given an option to add that number to your contacts.
  • Click the ‘Contacts’ tab and add your contacts there. You can also add groups as contacts, just click ‘Groups’ and ‘Add new group’.

Help – I can’t access my account

If you’ve been locked out of your account or can’t access your webtexts for any other reason, get in touch by PM’ing a mod or using our webchat.

Frequent Visitor
I am unable to register for webtexting on my mobile - can you help me?
Frequent Visitor
I am unable to register for webtexting on my mobile
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Hey @Potty 👋 I'll certainly help you out here 😊 What error message do you get when trying to register? Mairéad 


Hi there, does anyone know how to view "Sent Webtexts" ?

3 Staff

Hi RachelK 👋 This feature has been removed from the new Webtext platform. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, Martin. 

mark fleming
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Hi, is there a way to attach, or embed, an image in a webtext?


3 Community Manager

Hi Mark, webtext has similar features to SMS, what you are mentioning above is in line with MMS. So there isn't any way to send an image.