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Bill Charges Explained

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Bill Charges Explained


The below outlines how to view your paper bill. Remember, you can view your bill online at any time by logging in to your My3 Account.


You can see an overview of any charges on Page 1 of your paper bill. Page 3 of your bill will provide a detailed description of any charges.


To view a detailed breakdown of your bill (with images), see Your Bill Explained.


Page 1

The charges are divided into five sections.

Read on to see a description of the different types of charges that can appear on your bill.



Charge and description

Your charges

Monthly Charges shows the cost of your price plan.


Once-off charges are charges that do not occur every month. Click here for more information on these.

Your discounts and credits

This will show an overview of any discounts or credits applied to your account.


The amount discount or credit is deducted from the Total Bill Amount.

What you've used

Calls shows total charges for any calls you made outside of your inclusive minutes


Messages shows total charges for any texts or picture messages you sent outside of your inclusive texts.


Premium Services can be:

Data and Entertainment Services can be:

  • Charges for accessing internet on your phone.
  • Charges for downloading games, ringtones or images.
  • 3Pay services, e.g. paying for parking. 
  • Roaming shows total charges for incoming and outgoing calls and texts or data use while roaming.

Total before VAT

This shows the total of all of the above charges before VAT is applied.


VAT at the standard rate is applied to all bills, unless you are a VAT exempt business customer. 

Your total bill amount

This shows the total of all charges on your bill plus VAT.


Page 3

Charges are divided into the same sections as on Page 1.

Read on to see a detailed description of the different charges.



Charge and description

Your charges

Here you will see:

  • The monthly cost of your plan.
  • The monthly cost of any add ons you have.
  • The monthly cost of your insurance (if you have an insurance plan with Three). 

Please note: If your plan comes with inclusive minutes, texts or data you might see them listed separately here. However you have not been charged extra for these.


If you recently changed your plan you may see two plans listed in the section. The first line will show charges up to the date you changed your plan and the second line will show charges from the date you changed.

Your discounts and credits

Any credits or discounts you received will be listed here with a detailed description of why the credit or discount was applied.

What you've used

Calls shows charges for the following types of calls:

  • Mobile to Three Mobile - Any calls made to other Three Mobiles.
  • Mobile to other networks - Any calls made to other Irish mobiles. 
  • Mobile to Landline - Any calls made to Irish landlines. 
  • Mobile to International - Any calls made to International landlines. 
  • Mobile to International mobile - Any calls made to International Mobiles.
  • Mobile to Voicemail - Any calls made to your Voicemails. 
  • Mobile calls to other numbers - Any calls made to 1850 or 1890 numbers.

Messages shows charges for the following types of messages:

  • Texts to Three Mobile - Any texts sent to other Three Mobiles.
  • Texts to other networks- Any texts sent to other Irish mobiles. 
  • Texts to International- Any texts sent to International numbers. 
  • Picture Messages- Any picture messages sent to Irish mobiles. 
  • MMS to International- Any picture messages sent to International numbers. 

Premium Services shows charges for:

  • Texts to premium numbers - Any texts sent to or received from Premium Numbers.
  • Mobile to directory enquiries - Any calls made to Directory Enquiries, i.e., 11811.

Data and Entertainment Services shows charges for

  • Data Usage - Any internet use on your phone. If data is included in your plan, charges shown here are for usage outside of your inclusive allowance.
  • Charges for using 3Pay services.

If you have been charged for data usage and you don't have a data add on, we'd recommend contacting us to purchase one.


These charges have no VAT applied and are now split out separately on your bill.

Roaming shows charges for:

  • Calls received while roaming - Any calls to your mobile while roaming.
  • Calls made while roaming - Any calls made from your mobile while roaming. 
  • Texts sent while roaming - Any texts sent from your mobile while roaming. 
  • Data usage while roaming - Any Internet use on your phone while roaming.