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Change Plan or Add Ons

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Change Plan or Add Ons


Change Price Plan


If you want to change your price plan, you can do this via your My3 account. From your My3 dashboard, go to 'Change Plan'. The next screen will list the available plans you can move to. You can also change plan via the My3 app. Log in, tap the menu symbol on the right hand side, and go to 'Change Plan'. 


If you are on a prepay plan and wish to move to a bill pay plan, go to the ‘Enjoy Discounts and Special Offers’  section on your My3 dashboard. From there, click ‘Check Bill Pay Offers’ from your My3 dashboard and follow the steps.


Alternatively, you can contact us at for help. We'll take a look at your usage and recommend the best plan for your needs. 


Change Add-On/Booster


Customers can change add-ons/boosters in My3 once every billing month.


To change an add-on/booster on My3:

  • From the main dashboard, go to 'Manage Services' in the 'Your Plan' section. 
  • Select the add-on/booster you'd like to have.
  • When you're done, click Apply.


You can also add and change your add-ons on the My3 app. From the main dashboard, tap the 'Add Ons' tab, or go to 'Manage Services'. 


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