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Check Upgrade Eligibility

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Check Upgrade Eligibility


We offer our bill pay customers an upgrade from 3 months (90 days) before their contract is up. For example, if your contract is up on 31st December 2021, you are entitled to an upgrade from 30th September 2021. 


We offer two easy ways to check if you’re eligible for an upgrade.



  • On your My3 Account under the ‘Device’ section, click ‘Upgrade Device’.
  • On the My3 App, under 'Top Used Allowances', tap the context menu on the right hand side. Then tap 'Check Upgrade'.


Please note:

  • Upgrades must be completed via your My3 account, as per the steps above. Please do not begin a purchase journey on as an anonymous customer, as the order will not be linked to your customer account.  
  • If you have a phone insurance policy with Three SOS, you will need to add it again when upgrading.


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