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Your Bill Explained

Your Bill Explained


Unless you have chosen the paperless billing option, you will receive your bill by post each month.

If you view a PDF of your Online Bill you will see a simplified version of the image below, but the information is the same.


To view your bill online, log in to your My3 Account. From the dashboard, go to 'View Bill'. You'll then see your most recent bill. You can view previous bills by changing the date in the top left-hand corner of the page. You can also download a PDF version of your bill.


The bill will show details of all calls and charges from the last billing period.


Bill Explanation


Page 1


A summary of your bill.



This page contains the following sections: 


Section Explanation
Barcode The barcode will be displayed on the top of the first page of your bill and will support the mail returns process.
Since your last bill Shows all payments received since your last bill along with any adjustments made on your bill.  Balance Brought forward tells you the amount carried foward from your last bill. 
This month's bill

Your monthly charges will appear here along with any additional charges, discounts or credits.


Usage charges where relevant will appear. Usage charges are divided up into the following groups: 

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Data and Entertainment Services
  • Roaming
  • Premium Services

Things to note:

  • Usage groups will only appear if you have usage in that group for that particular month. For example if you weren't roaming in a month, the Roaming usage group would then not appear on your bill. 
  • The Usage charges section will not appear on the bill if you don't have usage for that particular month.  

Total charges before and after VAT are displayed.


The total bill amount and due date are displayed here also. 

Bank Giro

  The Giro slip will only appear on your bill if your selected payment method is cash: 



To pay your bill just fill in the Bank Giro slip and take to your nearest bank of Post Office.



Page 2


On this page you will find a detailed explanation of the sections of the bill along with useful information about Ways to pay etc.




Page 3


Shows your account activity for the last month.




Section Explanation
Since your last bill

Shows the account activity for your account. 


This section will only appear on your bill if there is at least one charge / adjustment to your previous balance ( i.e. a charge or adjustment that impacted the balance immediately).




  • this section of the bill will only appear if there are charges, discounts or credits that were applied during the billing period on your account OR
  • if you have multiple phones numbers on the one account
Account level breakdown

This section will appear if you have multiple phone numbers on your account. 


The Account Level breakdown is divided into the following sub-sections:


Monthly Price Plan Charges

- displays recurring charges for your account


Monthly Add On Charges

- displayed monthly add on charges for your account



- Shows any services configured on your account


Once-off charges

- Shows all account level once-off charges


Discounts and credits

- Shows all account level discounts and credits


User Summary


Note: this section is only displayed where you have multiple subscribers (i.e. phone numbers on the account). This information will be presented even if monthly charges, discounts, other charges do not  apply:


Total before VAT

Shows the total charges on your account before VAT.


Inclusive allowances Shows inclusive allowances for the billing period. Includes group level Inclusive Unit details. 


Page 4 onwards

Page 4 will show details of charges.