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Access to previous bills


Access to previous bills

Hi there, 


I switched to the new My3 set up and seem to have lost all access to my previous bills, which I need for work - both for billing and for locating numbers called in recent months. Can you advise as to how I can access same as soon as possible, thanks kindly.




I have the same issue! Have searched everywhere in there and can only get past totals. I havent been able to contact 3 either. 

I can't even get totals, or indeed any previous history.



I’m having the Same problem. Both online and in app. Customer service has been an absolute shambles. Have closed 3 messaging conversations with me and marked them as solved when they haven’t even replied.

Send a mod a pm with your details and they can investigate

I switched to the new MY 3 and I cannot access my old bills

@Patricio  Hi there 😃 Tell me, what do you see when you log into My3 to view your bills? Are you getting an error message? Also, are you using the app or web? Let me know 👍





I'm having the same issue.  I need access to previous bills and there is no way to locate them on My3.  
Why is Three making it difficult for customers to have access to their own information?



3 Customer Support fraudulently USING CUSTOMERS BANK DETAILS


A 3 customer support agent in India took my card details to pay a bill, and then a few hours later made several online purchases. The online service would not allow me to pay a bill via my account, and so i called up customer care, the first 2 agents told me 'sorry our system is not working' and had passed me on, the third agent then took my details, the bill was paid, but then a few hours later several purchases were made online.


3 have denied all responsibility, via phone I was told 'its probably because i clicked a bad link somewhere' and then via email just a template response after a few days basically saying nothing other then we have investigated, and can see no evidence.


DISGRACE. I informed them after it happened that i am cancelling the direct debit, I do not feel safe with this company having my details and taking payments in light of what has happened, I simply want nothing to do with them, no service mo phone I dont care i want out of anything to do with this company, however I was informed that any unpaid bills from my contract would be sent to debt collection. 



You should inform your bank that your card has been used without your consent

They will block the card and then you can tell them with of the items you didnt authorize