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Cant Pay bill or VIew Bill info on New System


Cant Pay bill or VIew Bill info on New System

Cant view or pay my bill online, yet 3 are sending me text messages saying my bill is overdue.  I cant see how much it is, when it is due etc and three webchat said it was sorted yesterday and still having the same issue since over a week ago. my contract is up since july last year so i think i will be moving to vodaphone or Eir. Its a joke. Continuous issues with three 


Hi there, can you send me a PM with your mobile number, address, date of birth and we'll go from there? 

10 months, yes 10!....and counting since I cant see my bill online. 


The pandemic has provided a convenient excuse for three ineptitude and now you cant even talk to someone about the issue. I'm also getting constant reminders re my bill, Its never not been paid but maybe thats the only way to get some attention.


I dont want the usual "please let me check for you " crap, I want someone to fix the issue I've been having for nearly a year.


I think the next route will be getting a few other users together and drafting a complaint to COMREG in the first instance.


How about we start with that.!

3 Community Manager

@Will3001  I understand that not being able to view your bill via My3 is an inconvenience for any customer. As you know, some business customers do not have this feature at the moment. There are other ways to know what your current invoice is, 1: paper billing 2: Contact us in PM and we'll tell you 3: contact chat or 1913.  You are a valuable customer to Three and I'd like to check your current bill, it's amount and due date. To do this for you, you'll need to pop me a PM. I'll keep an eye out for you. Oh by the way, I've replied to your other post 👉 click here 

Its insulting to say its an inconvenience, it's something we all should be able to do and its something we are all paying for. There was a perfectly functioning system in place and the very least that should be done is that that's reinstated until this is fixed.


At this stage I'm looking at this as being deliberate by three, there is some reason why this suits the company but I haven't managed to figure it out yet.


You also clearly didn't read my previous post, I specifically asked not to get the "please  let me check for you" crap. I am capable of doing this myself. 


All the rubbish that has come out on this is just lip service, a proper company would have fixed this by now and stop insulting its customers with excuses.

Its time for a different approach I think

In two weeks time this will be 12months, one full year without access to my account on the net, what's the current excuse, ?

Same issue for us. But do not move to vodafone, as useless as three. We moved from Vodafone to Three to have access to invoices... But no luck! They need the revenue behind them... We have 1 phone with 48months and we are happy with the service there. 

3 Community Manager

@SickOffIt Hello. Tell me, has someone set you up for paper billing yet? If this is something you'd be interested in be sure to pop me a PM with your details (phone number, full name, address and date of birth) and I'll be happy to set this up for you.


Wonderful, the fix is to create more waste by sending people paper bills that they don't necessary need or would want if they could just view it online...very sustainable and ECO friendly.. 😵