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How to download old bills?


How to download old bills?



Does anyone know how I can download all my old bills for 2019?


If I go to

and click the drop-down arrow then I can only see the last six bills of 2020.


(See image below)


Can anyone please help?


Kind Regards.


Screenshot 2020-11-20 125629.png

3 Community Manager

@LordLiverpool Hi there 👋 I can help you out here. There are 6 months available on My3, if you need older ones pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth. There will be a charge though, best to download them regularly from My3 going forward so you'll always have a record of them 👍



Hi @Three_Laur 


Between my posting and you replying, I spoke to your Customer Service via the chat facility.

They said they would email all the old invoices, they never mentioned that there would be a charge. I took it to mean the invoices would be sent free of charge.


Does your website have a "feature request facility"? As I like to suggest that all invoices be made available under one's account. This would be a minor code change to the SQL to retrieve the records from your database and display them on the website. Or maybe you could forward my suggestion to your web developers.


Kind Regards.

@LordLiverpool I'm delighted to hear that our Chat team looked after you 😃 Thanks so much for the feedback, it's always appreciated 👌