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Issue with overcharging

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Issue with overcharging

I had a query with my August-September bill which had left me extremely disappointed with Three. I have both mobile and broadband with Three. I'm not a heavy user of either but recently my Broadband bill went crazy. The first day of my new billing period I allegedly used 1 GB of data. Considering I only have 15 for the month this is not good. Being unaware of this issue by mid month I had used up all my data and from then suffered major rates. As I said I don't use much broadband. I'd never di any streaming, download a movie or music or anything big. I browse a little and thats all. I queried my issue with Three who after a no. of conversations agreed to have their Tech team take a look at my bill with the promise of a call back with the results. 3 or 4 days later I had heard nothing so I called them to be told it could take 5 working days. Eventually today I got a call not about the issue but telling me if I didn't pay my bill I would get cut off. I raised my issue again to initially be told it was still under investigation but pay your bill and then when I debated paying the bill while investigation was ongoing I was then told the investigation found nothing to be wrong with my bill. No explanation / breakdown could be given as to how I hiked up such a bill. It's crazy and disgraceful. Again I wish to add there's no way I racked up that much data usage in one month. In addition the Three rep told me I got a text from Three on 13/10 but I never got a text .. surely they should know this. Later I paid €100 off my bill which still doesn't put me in the clear so I'll probably still get cut off. I'm with o2 and Three for approx 10 years .. this means nothing though.
One very unhappy customer who will take this issue to Consumer Rights and anywhere else I can.
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You can help by supplying the records that confirm for Three that my phone charges are legitimate. I would have assumed Three would comply with my request esp after Comreq already successfully won a case against Three. Please ensure that I am given all records as soon as possible. If I do not get same I will still go ahead with complaint and explain that Three would not comply with my request.

Hi Stella, if you'd like you can request a copy of any personal information we hold about you. We will charge an administrative fee of €6.35 to provide a copy of any data held and we may request a copy of ID to confirm your identity. To make such a request, please write by sending an email to or the Data Protection Officer, Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited, 28/29 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2. Let me know if you have any further questions on this. Ashlee 

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@Julie_D wrote:

Hi Stella, I'm very sorry to hear this. If there is anything that I can help with here please let me know. 

 I used portable hotspot to watch you tube  etc on my pc. i did not download anything.. i recieved a bill for 162 can i find out what the price of data usage is after  my 2gb was used bill is normall aroud 30 euro a month


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Hi Noel,


The 2GB is to be used for your phone only, tethering is not something we support and it is a chargeable service. When you exceed the 2GB you are charged 6.15cent per MB of data

Data charges - roaming
Case no. 08712279
Terrible behaviour from Three.

I sent this to Three but they only offered to reduce the roaming charges by 50%. Still waiting on a response to my reply.


On 16 July 2020, I received a message at 1:27 Irish time advising me that I had 684 MB left (screen shot taken)

I checked my Three app at 2:48 (and later at 17:05 - took screen shots ) and it noted I had 1.6GB of data left on my plan re data roaming.

I contacted Three immediately to see how could get more data and agreed to change plan to a 19GB data roaming allowance.

Before I signed off the call it was confirmed that the new data plan was now active with the 19GB available from that point. Refer to your chat records of this.

After the call at 16:57 Irish time, I got a message telling me I owe €250 for data roaming? Screen shot attached. This confirms the app is not reliable but should not be at the customers expense.

I sent my chat conversation on the 17th July where I highlighted the issue. I found the chat service to be counterproductive and a waste of time but it did allow me to document the issues.

This is a simple case - Three text notifications and Three app data not accurate. Customer reacted immediately to change the plan to make sure no data roaming would occur. Customer continues to be charged E250 for data roaming that would not have occurred if he got notification sooner.

Please cancel the E250 charge.

Also, when I changed plan I did not get to access data roaming because there was a query on my account re the E250. I also could not check my voicemail. Such a disjointed service.

Please resolve this swiftly so I can reinstate the direct debit.
I have already invested a huge amount of time and feel the regulator should be aware of these kinds of incidents to avoid drama and wasting time for other customers.

The above is the main text I sent to Three. Simple case of inaccurate Three App and text information which leads customer to believe he still has data.

I can only imagine how many customers have been stone walled and over charged. The regulator will be the next port of call and Joe Duffy if I dont get a resolution by the end of the week.

@Marshin I've replied to your other post over here 👉 click here Take a look and send me a PM so I can look into this for you.