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Online Order Cancelled without Notice


Online Order Cancelled without Notice

Hi @Jan2021 @Three_Deborah ,

I ordered an iPhone 11 on the 30th November and received the email to confirm my order, uploaded documents which were initially rejected but told to upload again and then I resubmitted bank statements as I had more up to date exampled of them. I have been onto representatives on chat for the past 2 weeks every other day ensuring me that my order is being taken care of and no worries. I uploaded documents again just in case several times and still no update. On Wednesday 9th December, I was told that my documents have been uploaded and could be seen on the online system. Last Friday, the 11th December, I was told that they were still being reviewed and the order would go through in 3 days. Yesterday, I was on chat again and I have been told that my order has been CANCELLED because I have not uploaded documents. 


I was never emailed again after the initial contact and never told that my order has been cancelled. Not only that but money was taken from my account for the initial order. Can someone please tell me how that is allowed as I am well entitled to the purchase. I asked if another email for identity verification could be sent out again and I was refused because of Three's own technical problem. Absolutely not fair and it has made me consider whether I would ever purchase something from Three again.


I would love to get clarification from a Customer Representative on this through a DM and I can provide my order number etc.

3 Community Admin

@LauraMcA Hello and certainly feel free to PM me your order number, phone number, full name, address and date of birth. Once I have those I can access your order and the order history to get an understanding of why your order was cancelled 👌