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Phone not working, due upgrade next month

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Phone not working, due upgrade next month

Hi, my HUAWEI has been playing up for the last month or so.. not the first time, have already sent back to repair once. Apart from mic and speakers being VERY quiet so it's hard to hear or speak to anyone in a call, whenever I'm using any of the apps it jumps back to the home screen randomly (which was the problem I was having the first time I sent it back) 


Since I'm only a month away from an upgrade and it would take that long to have it fixed anyway with it being so close to Christmas, any chance of upgrading already? 

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@mcnamaste Hi there and welcome to 3Community 👋 Three customers can upgrade 3 months before the end of their contract, is your contract up next month or is your upgrade due next month do you know? Also, let me know when you where you bought your current phone, the make and model and when it was last repaired 👍


Hi, so it says on MY3 I'd be eligible to upgrade from the 16th January, I suppose my contract ends in April as I seem to remember that being when I signed up. It's a HUAWEI Pro30, and it was last repaired around September last year. It's really annoying as people can't hear me when I'm in a call and I don't have a landline, I'm also receiving a few important calls at the moment related to a family issue.

@mcnamaste Send me a PM with your details (phone number, full name, address and date of birth) and I'll take a look for you 👍