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Upgrade options


Upgrade options

Hi I can't call customer services it seems to send me to the emergency services. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.


I want to upgrade to Samsung S20 FE 5g. I am on a 30 a month contract. It says its 349 to upgrade.


I can get the same thing from Eir for 149 on a 30 a month contract (due to having broadband with them)


Can someone message/call me and let me know if you can help me with this so and can say with 3 and not have to switch.


Thanks very much.

3 Community Manager

@Dan4 Hi there, I'd like to look into the calls for you. Tell me, which number are you dialling when calling Customer Care? Also, have you contacted our Chat team regarding your upgrade? That's a great place to start 👌


Hi, I dialed 1913. Even on my phone its labeled as 3 Care


I have contacted chat but they said they could not help but the customer care people might be able to help that's why I was trying to call them.



3 Community Manager

@Dan4 Hhhmmmm very curious. Pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account. Also, let me know the date and time that you called 1913 along with when you contacted our Messaging team 👍