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is oneplus 8 pro coming to bill pay?


is oneplus 8 pro coming to bill pay?

Hi. I have been looking this last month or so on the website for the oneplus pro 8 but its been out for months now and no sign off it on the store. Can anybody tell me if the one plus pro 8 is coming to three please?

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@Daryl  Hi there, we've nothing official on this handset yet but as soon as we have some solid info we'll be posting on 3Community so keep an eye out 😄





Available here 

but it's pricey IMHO, especially when it doesn't even have

wireless charging....

I seen it on oneplus site alright but thats a couple off hundred more than any other country so I decided to stay away. Cant see any phone company in Ireland with it so I decided to look else were and ended up getting one for a really good price at 750 and thats the 12gb ram version so all worked out well. Thanks for that tho.