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webtext not working


webtext not working

hello there, i wonder if it is just my account that webtext is disabled because since early november i wanted to send a webtext but every time i open the webtext link it would always show: 


the day, present date 2018 – We apologise for the disruption to our Webtext service. We understand how important this is to our customers and are currently in the process of updating our Webtext service. We thank you for your patience."


i have been trying to open the webtext link every so often but up until now it still says the same. is there a chance that it will get fixed or is my account has been disabled for it for some reason?


Re: webtext not working

All we know on that is that the service is being updated or upgraded so we have no idea when it'll be sorted. Hopefully soon but there's notification under the welcome and announcements.