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4G signal from Arranmore mast


4G signal from Arranmore mast

Hi, so I was testing out my 5G yesterday and the signal was even showing up here , My 4G was already great now this morning I woke up and the signal has dropped , (from the usual -90 RSRP) all the way to -115 RSRP  and the sector ID's of the cell's have changed(so either the sector in my direction is no longer working or there was some changes made that made things worse) . So  as I was about to ask my neighbour and my brother if they had the same. He text me himself asking me if my internet was down. So its not just affecting me.  Is there any chance of this being resolved soon? Signal is terrible compared to what it was, service was great before this, I depend on the upload for work. And my brother can't even do his online college work because its too slow now. It was great leading up to this.


Screenshot (69).png


Here is a good example of what I mean, speedtests yesterday compared to today, yet I'm being denied there is any issue with the 4G sector in my direction, I was even picking up 5G yesterday, now I can't even get a usable 4G signal. 

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@HyperViz0r98 Hi there and thanks for posting 👋 Let's take a look at this for you. Tell me, are things still the same since you posted or have you noticed an improvement today? Let me know 👍



The Mast is completely down since early this morning so, does this mean there actually was an issue and they are working on it atm? Would it be possible to know what work was done? It is still no signal at all atm. 

To further update. Arranmore mast was down from 9.30 am to 6.30 PM (came back online now ) but it is still the broken way it was that made me complain in the first place. No 5G/ barely usable 4G when I was getting 100 mbps + before this ...  Does that mean they have just temporarily put it back like that until tmoro so they can continue works or is this the way it is going to be stuck like? Neighbour + brother complaining about no internet again today so unable to do college work/work from home. 


If possible , can I get details on what exactly is wrong / works that are to be done? 

@HyperViz0r98 Good morning 👋 I've checked and work is ongoing in Arranmore. I'll keep an eye on this for you and will pop back once it's completed and let you know 👍



Any idea what exactly is wrong? Or roughly how long it will take?

@HyperViz0r98 There are repairs that are being carried out on the mast by the relevant team. I don't have a timeframe on when everything will be fully completed, I'm certainly keeping an eye on it though 👌



I Saw someone at ThreeCare replied to someone saying the works are done on Arranmore, I really hope that isn't the case , People here going mental because their internet signal and speed has been unusable the last 2 days and it was all cuz of some changes that were made to the mast, I can see  what happened because I monitor my signal readings and speeds in detail every day -*checking the RSRP/RSRQ/SINR/CQI etc) the PHY Cell indentifier number changed from 1 to 257(pics attached showing the deterioration in signal readings) , for whatever reason engineers changed  something, experimenting broadcasting power?? why did they do it at all cuz it was fine but it has destroyed the great signal and upgrades we benefited from when they added it a few months back. Infact I even have the dates the big upgrade was done , it was on the 17/08/2020 , I know the date because I made a post about it cuz I was excited we finally had good internet. That day they upgraded the Arranmore mast by adding band 1, band 28 4G , and improved the existing band 3 cells... band 3 signal improved dramatically and this was amazing and we all enjoyed fast internet here , working from home, getting our college work done, it was great,up until 2 days ago and its been awful since whatever day it went down. tested multiple devices and asked multiple people I know that are on the same network  I know the issue is not on my end or anyone else living beside me, There is clearly a massive drop in signal and speeds ever since they changed something 2-3 days ago. It appears like they have either lowered the power at which the mast is broadcasting at, or adjusted the mast antenna  to another direction resulting in poorer signal for us. I've lost my ability to stream as well since my upload went from having 30+ to barely hitting 3 or 4. Best part of it all is I spent 900 euro on a 5G capable phone and I was even getting 5G signal here with that the day before , now all that is gone and I have to know whether I've just wasted my money or not. Signal problem began literally a day after buying it. Why would you's downgrade randomly months after doing something great, having these great speeds and it looks like it going to be taken away after all the good it done. I really hope you can do something proper about this as I depended on the internet to do stuff everyday. Comparison of before (good signal) and the current bad signal attached)  







@HyperViz0r98 thanks so much for sending in so much detail, the more detail the better in cases like this. How has the coverage been over the weekend? Did you notice any changes since you posted on Friday? Let me know and we'll go from there 👌