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Broadband speed issue


Broadband speed issue

Not sure if this is the correct place to post but here goes.


I have been using my three broadband during the lockdown with great results. I never get remarkable speed but I am in a rural location and it's been reliable enough to keep the family going with Netflix, video conferences etc. It's not the greatest service normally but I was pleasantly surprised, up until this week.

During the weekend and yesterday the internet was a little slow, today it was totally unusable. I couldn’t even check my emails properly.

What concerns me is that it is 4 days until my new billing cycle and I feel like my internet is being throttled, it's not the first time I have had these kind of issues and I am on unlimited broadband. I

I checked online and there are no reports of system problems.

I have good signal strength - 3 to 5 bars (5 is max.)

I have a good router – Huawei B525

I even moved my Router outside to see if it helps but it made no difference,

I am getting a pretty fast upload speed most of the time but virtually zero download, I have included some of the logs below.

Is anybody else having similar issues?

I have tried in the past to speak to support but it takes forever and gets nowhere, can someone from three help me resolve this?


 Here are the logs:

5/28/2020 5:59 PM     Ping 31  /  Download 1.05  Mbps / Upload 6.67 Mbps
5/28/2020 5:55 PM     Ping 38  /  Download 1.36 Mbps /  Upload 10.11 Mbps

5/28/2020 5:12 PM     Ping 706 / Download  0.23 Mbps / Upload 2.46 Mbps

5/28/2020 5:09 PM     Ping 71  /  Download 0.42 Mbps / Upload 2.60 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:52 PM     Ping 718 / Download 0.31 Mbps / Upload 2.33 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:35 PM     Ping 119 / Download  0.43 Mbps / Upload 4.99 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:27 PM     Ping 164 / Download  0.30 Mbps / Upload 6.75 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:16 PM     Ping 165 / Download 0.77 Mbps / Upload 6.74 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:12 PM     Ping 39  /  Download 0.68 Mbps / Upload 7.77 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:11 PM     Ping 45  /  Download 1.42 Mbps /  Upload 7.50 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:10 PM     Ping 34  /  Download 1.04 Mbps /  Upload 6.12 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:08 PM     Ping 138 / Download 1.01 Mbps /  Upload 7.12 Mbps

5/28/2020 4:07 PM     Ping 37  /  Download 0.25 Mbps /  Upload 4.36 Mbps

5/28/2020 12:32 PM   Ping 69  / Download 0.13 Mbps /  Upload 1.23 Mbps

5/28/2020 12:14 PM   Ping 195  / Download 0.04 Mbps /  Upload 0.88 Mbps

5/28/2020 10:12 AM  Ping 79  / Download 0.19 Mbps /  Upload 1.78 Mbps


Do try again in a minute or two, i get that message sometimes.


My internet is being throttled again (sorry, still being throttled after a year of lockdown even though I barely use it) by three, it's been happening for months and I stupidly kept paying because I now have the far more reliable eir connection and keep three as a backup.


How is it possible that my ping = 25ms, download = 1.34mbps, upload = 8.32mbps


Surely this practice is illegal 

In addition, I fitted an external modem which is focused on the nearest three mast by line of site using a compass.


it worked with blistering speed for half a day until it was again throttled down to an unusable download speed.

@California356 Hello there. Firstly, let me assure you that we don't throttle speeds here at Three. There could be other reasons for the drop in speeds on your broadband though. Let me know your general area so I can check the masts nearby for alarms to get the ball rolling 



@California356 Thanks so much for sending your Eircode by PM, I checked this area and all appears as it should. The mast is to the southwest of your property, is that the direction you're pointing your router? Have you gone through all the troubleshooting steps in All about: Broadband Coverage ? If so, there's a list of questions in that blog, can you send me the answers? 


this happens because too many customers online connected to same mast. I
can get up to 80mbps when everyone but me is in bed. before that between
6pm and midnight lucky to get 8mbps. this will remain the case no matter
what 3 will tell you.