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Broadband speed


Broadband speed

Hi. I am a three unlimited broadband customer for over a year and a half now. Speed was decent in the beginning but now I can't even watch a YouTube video or view photos on Facebook. I'm only a few km's from galway city so you'd think speed should be good. Have tried contacting customer service and just getting sent around in circles. Can someone look into this for me?
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@Derek82 Hi there 👋 I can certainly take a look for you. Tell me, when did you notice the changes in your speeds? There's a really good blog All about: Broadband Coverage , have you had a read of that yet? There are some great tips and tricks. Let me know 👍


Hi, it started to get slow in recent months. I am getting on average 1 to 2 bar coverage. With the ookla app my average speed is now down to around 1 to 2mbps. It is slightly better in the mornings but only with a speed of about 8mbps. The router is a B525 LTE CPE. The sim card is approx a year old. The eircode of my house is *** ****. Carrowbrowne, Galway. I don't feel the Internet service im getting is worth 30euro a month.


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Log into :
Log into your router , go network settings
Change auto to 4G only ,

also in settings page if you have external antennas switch auto to external only



@Derek82 I see @PucaFasa is giving you some great tips here 👍I just popped in to let you know I've removed your Eircode from your post as this is a public forum 😉



Hi, thanks for your input and advice, have tried the above and its still the same. Can someone look into this for me please as I'm trying to work from home and finding it extremely difficult.

@Derek82 Thanks for getting back to us and for trying @PucaFasa 's suggestion. There is a list of questions in the blog I tagged above, send me a PM with the answers to those questions along with your broadband number, full name, address and date of birth. Once I have that information I'll be able to check the mast that you're connecting to if that's ok with you? Let me know 👍