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Mobile Broadband

Can anyone offer help as to why I now cannot SEND ANY emails through the SMTP server. I have had issues since last September but I now cannot SEND ANY emails.


I am using Microsoft windows live mail 2012 application. I have had issue ever since we have changed from a fixed line broadband to wireless/gsm based broadband. It also seems have a 4000kb limit on sending emails which has caused many issues for our business.


I ma getting the following error back when attempting to SEND emails (I have no issues receiving emails - but these come through eircom server I believe as our email address is an

The connection to the server has failed.

Subject 'TESTING2'
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No
Socket Error: 10061 have been unable to resolve this issue since I hadve raised the problem last September 2017.

SMTP - (this has worked up until last week)

PORT: 25

Server requires Autentication ticked.


Hi Pat, our tech team are looking into this and I'll be right back to you as soon as we have an update. Can you check that your APN is set to open.internet.public? I'm not sure if you did that and I can see it was the last thing my colleague requested in PM, during the week. 


Hi Julie,

Just checked my PM - the setting is at the default APN setting .....


Hi Julie,

As per recent PMs changed my APN to - OPEN.INTERNET.PUBLIC

however still no resolution ...... can you confirm the SMTP setting as the link you forwarded with ALL providers ohas an O2 SMTP, however did this not work either - can you confirm specifically all SMTP Server setting including port numbers etc? thanks.


Hi Pat, I'm going to follow up on this for you with our relevant team and get back to you as soon as I have an update. 


Hi Martin,


Any info for me on this one - (we're  3 weeks without outgoing email at this stage) - can your tech dept not simply provide me with the correct SMTP settings for the Huawei router? or provide at least some feedback on possible issues? With the utmost respect you are the 3rd representative that has been on this case promising a response from your "Tech team" but still no reply with any substantial information.


I would be most grateful if of you could please come back to ne asap with some sort of commentse etc.




I'm liaising with our networks team for an update on this for you. Asa soon as we have a resolution I'll come back to you right away. 


Ok thanks, waiting patiently! hope you have better luck than .....





Still waiting for confirmation on SMTP settings???

Anyone at know these BASIC settings??


Our tech team are still looking into this Pat. We will pop back as soon as we have an update.


Hi Kelly - I appreciate you are a new rep to this ongoing issue - but this wait is really unacceptable (again I point out that thein s company email that has no outgoing emails for the past 2 weeks) - I first posted this 27th Feb and I am still getting the same reply "its with our tech team" Why cant any of you guys just confirm your SMTP settings?? its a really simple request and in the mean-time leave the tech team do whatever they are checking for the past 2 weeks (which at this stage I wonder if there is a "tech team").

Surely can provide a better support service to their customers than a 2 week wait on a simply query.