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My Three broadband speeds are topping out at 1.5mb


My Three broadband speeds are topping out at 1.5mb

Hi community,

I have been a three customer for many years now, with 2 phone accounts with them. As with many during these covid times I have been working from home and was unable to get any broadband coverage on my area with ordinary isps. So I decided to try Three broadband as a last resort.

I tried them out and I am consistently seeing top speeds of 1.5mb. In teams meetings I am dropping in and out consistently and it is unusable for it as it is not dependable enough. I contacted three and asked to see if I could get it cancelled as it is not fit for use. I see in their terms and conditions that you should get a minimum speed of 25mb at least once a day. I am not seeing anywhere near it. I asked if I could cancel it and I have been getting fobbed off as them saying their technicians don't see an issue with it. At this stage I am just feeling down with it all. I have asked for help again and again, it is unusable, I shouldn't have to pay for it for 2 years when it is not fit for purpose. My phones internet is the same in this area in terms of speed so it isnt a device issue with the broadband router.

Any advice on how to try and get this cancelled short of paying of 660 euro would be a huge help. I already pay for 2 phone plans with them and having this with no added benefit and three customer care been of no help is very frustrating.
3 Community Manager

@Daryl1 Hello there 👋 It's not ideal when your speeds aren't consistent, especially when working from home. I'd love to look into your account and the investigations that have already taken place. To do this, I'll need your details so pop me a PM with your broadband number, full name, address and date of birth to get the ball rolling. Also, have you had a look at all the tips and tricks in our 5 Ways to Improve your Mobile Broadband Signal article? Let me know 👍