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Slow broadband

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Slow broadband

I got a new router upgrade, and it was even slower than my old one.


I switched back to my own router, which if I restore to default every few days, I would get speeds minimum of 30-40Mbps. During congestion hours, I would get minimum of 16-20Mbps. Now my 4G is literally unusable, it's < 100KBps. Switching to 3G is barely capable of reaching 5Mbps which is far off of what I'm capable of reaching with this. What's going on here? My usage seems to be unlimited, but I'm on the 750GB plan and I'd rather have actual usable internet to avail of that data, than internet that I can't even use.


I'm sick and tired of trying reboot/restore defaults/new sims/cleaning/changing location of the router/putting on windowsill/antennas. It does absolutely nothing to attain such speeds that I had before, and clearly my location is more than capable of reaching 4G speeds of 40Mbps, and what I'm paying for now is ridiculous in 2020. My "new" router is even worse than my old one, but that's not the point.


As long as my old router can consistently reach those speeds, and congestion speeds, that's what I need.


Edit: I should point out that the speeds in my new router when I initially set it up, was up to 100Mbps, settled at 70Mbps for a bit, and then dropped down to unusable <1Mbps speeds.

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