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Slow mobile broadband


Slow mobile broadband



We are experiencing very slow mobile broadband with both 4G and 3G and the Huawei router (B525s-23a).


We are on Bill Pay.


Average speed is under 2Mbit down and about 5 up but it fluctuates frequently and during the day it can drop to <100k.


Our phones (on another provider) get higher speeds (16 to 140Mbit) but the data cap is not sufficient for work.


Is there anything that can be done to improve the speeds in this area?


Kind regards,


3 Community Admin

@MattH Hello there, welcome to 3Community 👋 Let's take a look at this for you. Tell me, has there been a recent drop in your speeds or any changes recently? There's a really good blog with some great tips and tricks All about: Broadband Coverage Have you had a look at that and tried the tips yet? Let me know and we'll go from there 👍


Hi Laur,


Unfortunately the tips in the article have not given much success here.


Sometimes disabling the mobile data and re-enabling it can help temporarily.

Time of day has a huge impact. 9am to around 11pm it usually drops down to about 1Mbit. It can reach 8Mbit at 3am but that isn't optimal timing as we are generally asleep.


Kind regards,


3 Community Admin

@MattH Good morning. Thanks for getting back to me and for trying the troubleshooting tips in the blog. There are some questions at the end of that blog, I'll pop them here too. Can you let me know the answers to these?

The more info I have the better. I know it's not ideal when your speeds aren't consistent, especially when working from home.


  • Are your friends and neighbours experiencing this too? 
  • When did you start noticing this? 
  • How many bars of coverage do you see, and what letter is beside them? ie, 3G, 3G+, H, H+, 4G or 4G+ 
  • Is your broadband connection worse at particular times of day or week? 
  • What type of router are you using and how old is your SIM card? 
  • Can you do random speed tests at different times of the day? We recommend Ookla. 
  • Tell us your general area so we can check the masts there.