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Handling Nuisance Calls

Handing Nuisance Calls


While rare, occasionally some of our customers receive nuisance calls. Nuisance or scam calls can occur in a variety of ways, and may be irritating, offensive, misleading, threatening or silent. 


Here are some tips for handling nuisance phone calls:

  • Don't answer the phone if you do not recognise the number.
  • If you receive a missed call from an unknown number, don't call back - you may be charged. 
  • Never provide personal information (e.g. name, address, PPS number, bank details) over the phone unless you know the person you're talking to. 
  • Most mobile phones have the option to block a phone number. If you are receiving nuisance calls, this is the best course of action. 
  • If you continue to receive nuisance calls, particularly if the calls are abusive or fraudulent, contact the Gardaí. The making of malicious or nuisance calls is a criminal offence and the Gardaí can investigate this futher.