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How to Unlock Your Phone

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How to Unlock your Phone


If you need to unlock your phone, click the link below to fill in our unlocking form.

Click here to request your unlock code.


If your phone is locked to the Three network, and if you meet the criteria outlined below, we will contact you with your phone's unlock code. 


Important: please test a non-Three SIM card in your phone before submitting an unlock code request. Some smartphone models are not locked to the Three network and therefore do not a need an unlock code. 


Unlocking Criteria

  • The device must be a Three Ireland device, i.e. the device was purchased from Three Ireland.
  • The device must be associated with your Three Ireland account.
  • Prepay customers must have topped up by €100 since the device was associated with a Three Ireland account.
  • Bill Pay and Business customers:
    • Must not have an overdue balance on their account.
    • Must not have their account currently suspended by our Collections team or Consumer Protection team. 
    • Must meet the minimum account spend of €300, or have paid 9 monthly invoices in full as a bill pay customer*. 

*Three reserves the right to waive the Minimum Account Spend requirement for its existing customers who enter into an upgrade agreement(s) with Three.



Depending on the manufacturer, It can take between 2 and 30 working days to generate the code.


Using your unlock code

Steps to unlock Alcatel phones

Steps to unlock Apple phones

Steps to unlock Doro phones

Steps to unlock HTC phones

Steps to unlock Huawei phones

Steps to unlock Motorola phones

Steps to unlock Nokia / Microsoft phones
Steps to unlock Samsung phones


Please note: 

  • Some smartphone models do not require an unlock code (e.g. Xiaomi, Razer, OnePlus). These devices are already unlocked and will work with any SIM.
  • Prior to unlocking your device, you should ensure that you back up or otherwise store separately your data, as this may be lost during the device unlocking process. We are not responsible for any information or other data which may be lost during the device unlocking process.
  • On the rare occasion that the Unlock Code should fail to unlock your device, please contact us for help at


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