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Unlock Huawei Modems

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How to Unlock Huawei Modems


Follow the steps below to unlock your Huawei modem.


B252, B315, E5573 and E5577 Modems

  1. Insert a SIM Card from another network into the modem.
  2. Connect the modem to your computer and type into the address bar.
  3. Log in as usual and it should pop up a Simlock page
  4. Enter your unlock code where it says SIMLOCK Code and the device should be unlocked


  • If the popup doesn’t appear then go to Settings > Advanced Settings > SIM Settings > Unlock Device Enter your unlock code where it says SIMLOCK Code.
  • Huawei Modems can only be unlocked on a Window Operating System. For Mac users please unlock on a Windows machine.


Error Message

If you get an error message when entering the unlock code, double check that you have entered the code correctly.