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How to use O2 Help & Support

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How to use O2 Help & Support

How to use the O2 Help & Support


- How to start:

Start by clicking on the "Help" button on the top right hand side of every page within the O2 website.

This will bring you to your Help & Support page, and you can start to search either the knowledgebase, the forum or any other part of the community area.


- What to expect:

Your search box uses predictive suggestions, which will produce a list of possible matches for you to choose from even before you hit the search button. This search box is available through out the help & support community so you can continue to search for information on any additional topics should you need to.


- What happens next:

By default the result lists displayed are sorted by views so the most popular topics will appear first.

Each set of results will also display a dedicated set of filter options, which will allow you to narrow down the overall number of results that your search brings back.


- Why should I use the Help & support community:

The help & support community encourages o2 customers to collaborate and share information. This gives you access to the wealth of knowledge, experience, and genuine customer opinions that are available - from your PC / laptop or even via your smart phone.


- What if I just need to have a quick chat about my query:

On your Help & Support page you can see a button on the upper right hand side of the page entitled "Chat Now", all you need to do is click here to start a web chat session - and you'll be able to address a customer care agent directly and get an immediate response from a live person in real time from anywhere in the world. You wont have to queue up to speak to anyone and you wont have to remember any phone numbers. The web chat service can even be accessed from your mobile phone as a text to chat service so you dont have to be at a PC in order to get the benefit.