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How do I check the balance of my bill?

How do I check the balance of my bill?


The balance on your bill is the total amount that needs to be paid.
You can view your bill balance on the My3 Account App.

Simply log into the App and the My Dashboard screen will automatically appear.

Click on the PAY BILL tab. The 'Current amount due' will be listed at the top of the screen. 


If you see the message "We are unable to process a payment until your bill is created..." in the My3 App:

This just means that you have reached the billing cycle date (which occurs once a month), and that we are now calculating your full monthly bill to take account of any recent changes / updates / credits / etc that may also need to be applied. Please wait a few hours and your account should then be fully updated and will accept payments as normal. If you are in any doubt about the details you see or think that your app is not updating correctly just use the Message Us service to contact a care agent and we'll try our best to help.