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In-App Messaging: "Message Me"

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In-App Messaging: "Message Me"


When you are using the My3 Account app you can access the in-app mesaaging feature from either:


1: Your dashboard landing page: the "Message Us" button located at the bottom of that screen.

2: Your apps main menu: Menu item entitled "Messaging"


Both of these links will direct you to the same Messaging Screen.

From this screen you can send messages directly to Customer Care agents and start a conversation with them that allows you respond to queries in your own time and at a pace that suits you.


Some of the key benefits of in-app messaging are:


1: Messaging allows you get on with your day and receive updates as progress is being made.

2: You will receive alerts on your devices notification window when we reply back to you

3: You can message us at any time even outside working hours and your query will be picked up when we are back online. 


Troubleshooting Tips:

If you are a Samsung S9 user and you have experienced issues accessing the in-app messaging service, you should perform the following work around.

Go to your devices settings menu, and clear the app data + cache:

> Settings > Apps > My3 Account

Click the "Clear Data" button (and if it is still active, Click the "Clear Cache" button)


Once you have cleared your app cache you will be able to manually login to the app once more and should be able to use your in-app messaging services without any further issue.