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How to Update My3 Username

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How to Update My3 Username


When you log into My3, you must use your email address or mobile number as your username. Customers set their username during My3 registration. If you need to update your username for any reason, you can do this on My3. 


How to Update Username on My3


1. Log in to My3, then select 'Manage User' in the right-hand corner.




2. Select the “Edit” link above the Username field on the “Manage User” page.




3. Enter a new username in the field and confirm the email address in the second field.


4. The below message it presented before a change is confirmed.

"Note: Please ensure you are logged out of the “My3 App” before changing your username. To complete the process, log out of My3 on your browser, then just log back in with your new username."




4. When you click “Save”, Three will check if the email username entered in both fields match.

  • If it does not match, a message is displayed “Usernames do not match, please retry”.
  • If the emails do match and the email address is not already registered, then a message is displayed “Username change successful”.

5. You must now use the “Profile” link on the top right to log out of My3 for the change to take effect.




Important Points to Note:

  • You must use the Profile link to log out of My3 for the change to take effect.
  • You must input the new Username and existing Password to log into My3 after the change. (The previous username may be auto populated in the browser if you have used it to log in previously)
  • If you have not logged out of the My3 app on their device before making the change, you may need to clear the App cache on the device or re-install the app to clear the old login credentials.