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App of the Month: Komoot

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It’s the start of May 2021, and with comes the joy of outdoor activities plus the possibility of gathering with others outside. Fingers crossed that we’ll see inter-county travel. Here’s our App of the Month: Komoot to give you ideas on unlocking your county’s trails and further afield.


How it works

Komoot is an amazing app for outdoor enthusiasts of all fitness levels. It caters for hikers, runners, cyclists of all types. It is best described as a planner, recorder, navigator, and a social media platform. What you get with this app is a community collection of tours which were planned and shared by others. The detail is incredible, from fitness level to elevation. If you don’t fancy a recommended tour or route, you have the option to plan your own.








Starting off

Komoot is free to download and there are many features to use straight away. Extra premium features do carry a charge.


iOS App Store  5-star rating

Android Google Play Store. 4.5-star rating


Creating an account is easy, you can login using FaceBook or your email. Here’s an extra tip: make sure “discover” is enabled in your Komoot App settings by going to your Profile > Settings > App settings > Enable Discover 👍 


The Benefits

Check out Komoot's website for all the in-house benefits over here Below are a few of what I consider personal benefits 💪

  • Unlock one region for some premium features. Since the 5K restrictions have been lifted, this unlocking has helped with planning weekend outdoor activities.
  • If going on a hike/cycle with others, you can share your planned route/tour with them, add comments and photos.
  • It’s global! This is very handy for when travelling abroad becomes an option and you like exploring away from the main tourist areas.


My fitness level isn’t what it was pre-lockdown and I know there are others who are in the same boat. I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation 🐻 🛏 While I’ve been a user of Komoot for a few years, I’ve had to change the fitness level to easy/couch potato to find inspiration for the next outing! I’m off to plan our weekend jaunts for May and June, it’s a great way to explore the countryside ❤️🤗


Let us know below if you use Komoot? Do you integrate it to your GPS device or smart watch?