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App of the month: Couch Potato to 5K Run Trainer

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Couch Potato to 5K Run Trainer has been around for a while and is one the most famous running apps you can download on your smartphone. Have you always enjoyed running and have steered away from this beneficial exercise? I find running great both for my mental and physical health and decided to start making small changes to help me on the road (excuse the pun) to my 2021 goals.








How it works

Once downloaded the app is super easy to use. Screen 1 opens on Day 1 of your training and all you need to do here is click Let’s Go. Day 1 is a 25-minute workout – 5 minutes of walking to warm up, 1 minute of running rotating with 1.5 minutes of walking for 15 minutes and finally a 5-minute walk to cool down and stretch. Sounds easy when you’re reading it doesn’t it? By the third round of 1 minute runs my blood was pumping and I was feeling the burn but as they say – no pain, no gain!


You continue this pattern throughout week 1 which consists of 3 workouts. On week 2, the ante is upped! After your 5-minute warm-up, you’ve got 18 minutes of running/walking patterns ranging from 1.5 minutes to 1-minute runs and 2 minute and 1 minute walks. I felt I was ready for this by week 2 and was starting to enjoy running again.


Cost-wise, the app is free for the first 3 months and if you’d like to continue after that it’s €4.99 per month. I feel that after the 3 months I’ll have my own routine and may not need the app any longer, but time will tell.



The Benefits


  • Quick and (relatively 😉) easy workouts. 25 – 30 minutes 3 times a week is do-able for most of us.
  • It’s cheap, all you need is a comfortable pair of runners and some earphones.
  • You can check your history at any stage to see just how far you’ve come since Day 1.


















  • The countdowns are great when you’re finding that you just can’t go any further. The countdown in your ear will spur you on for those last few seconds until the blessed time to walk arrives.
  • Headspace. Running is great for keeping in shape and weight loss, but I equally enjoy the headspace it gives you. Pop on your headphones and away you go.
  • Badges. It’s amazing the boost receiving a virtual badge from an app can give you. It’s nice to look back at your collection in the Wins tab too.


What are the ratings?

Google Play users give this app 4.8 while App Store users go a step further with a massive 4.9 rating and with over 4 million downloads that’s pretty impressive.


Where can I get it?

Google Play users can download the app here 👉 click here 

App Store users can pick it up over here 👉 click here


If you’re looking for an app to motivate you to get out and moving I’d fully recommend this one. I’m just over 2 weeks in and I’m already seeing an improvement in my fitness. Some days it’s hard to wrap up and get out there but it’s worth it afterward and you’ll feel very proud of yourself.


Let us know in the comments below if you try it out, we’d love to hear your opinions.


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@billbond4 How are those new runners from Santa working out for you? 😎



They are looking lovely in their box 🙂

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@billbond4 here's a little motivation. I'd like to say that's @Three_Laur , but I can neither confirm nor deny. 


@Donegal-3 are you participating in any New Year goals/exercise? 




I will head out today and if I make it back I will take a picture from frosty athlone