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How do you watch yours?

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Watching TV shows, documentaries, and movies is possibly how the majority of us are spending our downtime over the last 12 months. Streaming services have become a lifeline and your Mod team spends a lot of our chat time discussing which series to begin next. Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even gaming consoles are almost taking over from a regular TV so today’s question for 3Community is  – how do you watch yours?




Phones/Tablets The ability to download an app and watch your current favourite show anywhere and everywhere you go is so convenient. On the train or bus? Sitting in a park? Pop on your headphones and away you go.


Laptops/Desktops Again convenience plays a huge part here. Pop open your laptop, open Amazon Prime and with a couple of clicks, you’re in! Did you know that you can now add your Amazon Prime subscription to your Three account? Take a look at the below article for more info:


All About: Content Services 


Gaming Consoles Xbox and Playstation provide you with the ability to download the apps for your streaming services and watch on the monitor or TV you’re connected to. The teens in your life will be especially glad of this one!


TV/Smart TV If you don’t have a Smart TV then you can turn your regular TV into a Smart TV by purchasing a streaming video player like the Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast or the NOW Smart Stick. Plug it in, download your favourite apps and you’re all set!




We’d love to hear if our members have any other suggestions. Let us know below 👇



I always recommend people buy a 4k firestick for their TVs.

Tv manufacturers won't update their OS that often and if you go away for the weekend (whenever we're allowed travel again) you can bring your firestick with you. 

And if new version comes out you can replace it.

Also Now is available to install on a firestick so you don't need a separate device. 

Tv is my favourite to watch streaming services, bigger picture and better sound, also love the Philips Amblight feature, which leds at the rear of the TV follow the picture on the screen, adds another depth to the picture. 

3 Community Manager

@billbond4 Great idea for travelling, fingers crossed some staycations will be on the cards for the Summer and bringing your Firestick along will be very handy 🌞