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Tip of the week: 38 more days

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38 more days to Christmas 🎄

Does that send you into a panic or does it fill you with joy? Have any of our 3Community members or visitors started their Christmas shopping early this year?  With Level 5 restrictions in place, online shopping is the obvious choice and hopefully, retail stores will re-open in December. Whichever the case, 3Community has a few tips for you.




Santa letters

The 3Community have it on good authority, that Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and the elves are essential workers. Oh don’t forget the reindeers too. This means they are allowed travel outside 5KM regardless of any restrictions in place for the next month or two. So kids; make sure you have your letters in on time, and always get your family to double-check your letter 👍


Online Tips

  • The closer we get to the big day the busier An Post will be. Order well in advance.
  • Always make sure that you’re shopping on a secure website when placing an order.
  • 3Plus has amazing online discounts for a variety of businesses.


At Three we’ve put together an amazing Christmas gift guide which includes a wide range of goodies from music enthusiasts to online gamers plus a few ideas for stocking fillers. Check it out 👉 click here 


If you’re interested in a new phone, the place to check is our online shop.  Maybe you need a bit of extra help, no problem, we’ve got you covered with our 3MadeEasy blogs


One of the best tips is to keep an eye on 3Plus, not only do we have amazing online discounts, but there are competitions too.  A week of mystery giveaways will be coming soon and the 12 days will be live from the 7th December. Download the app today: Google Play Store and the App Store.


Other retailers

Did you know that Intersport Elverys Sports, Easons, and Carter Beauty are Irish based, and we have 3Plus discounts for them? Our small businesses are important so shop local where you can. Find a local retailer where you can order online or even click and collect in-store.


Maybe it’s a bit late for this year but certainly, keep this in mind for next year. Big electronic releases sometimes have pre-ordering available so if there’s something you (or someone else) has their heart set on making sure you’re on that list! Perhaps pre-order your Christmas cake or turkey?


Another thing to look at, where there is no click and collect option is shipping/ delivery costs. When ordering your Amazon Alexa this year check to see if you have Amazon Prime as you may be entitled to free shipping. Did you know you can top up using Alexa now


In-store Tips

You might have noticed that some non-essential shops are open for click and collect and phone orders. Hopefully, in December all stores will open their doors again. Before you head out, check the local offers in your 3Plus app.

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Leave an extra mask in the car, jacket, bag or shoe.
  • Wash and/or sanitise your hands
  • Keep the 2 metre distance
  • Make a shopping list, get in, and get out. No browsing 😄
  • Pay with card and avoid handling cash
  • Take advantage of late-night opening hours
  • Be vigilant and secure your expensive purchases


Three Stores

Our stores are considered essential services, and we have taken measures to ensure your safety and that of our staff. Booking in-store appointments ( subject to availability) is now available book here. We also have designated sales numbers 1800 944 788, 1800-949-546, and 1800949560.


Treat yourself

Resist the urge to grab last-minute deals! Make a list and a budget and stick to them. Keep your money for the January sales instead and treat yourself. Go on, you deserve it 😊




Has Covid-19 changed how you normally shop each year? Let us know in the comments below if you have started shopping yet.


We’d love to hear your thoughts ❤️


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@Three_Deborah don't forget to keep an eye out for Black Friday and Black Tag sales too 🎁